trainingThe training service is delivered through Highnet Resources or our subsidiary Knowledge Share Ltd and center on Business Planning  covering aspects  including:logistics and supply chain management, operational/process management, sales and marketing, customer service, human resources, information technology, research and development, financial management.

Learning Methodology
Our learning methodology caters for all learning styles and each course is a mix of interactive lectures, case studies, role play, activities and films.

Our facilitators are experts in various aspects of business planning


Business Selection Course

“When a manager with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, the reputation of the business remains intact”.  – Warren Buffett

It is not enough to be a good manager to achieve business success because some very popular business choices in Nigeria have very bad economics meaning the underlying factors in the business guarantee more failures than successes. There are tools to select business sectors that will deliver sustainable profits. The business selection course focuses on answering the essential question “does the business idea make economic sense and should you proceed with it?” The course also examines the growing business sectors of the Nigerian economy and how they should be analyzed in the business selection process. This course is for participants who want to select a business and course duration is for 1 day.

Business Diversification Course

Conventional wisdom and stock brokers advise us to reduce concentration risk by diversifying our portfolio and not “put all our eggs in one basket”   but contrary to this view some other business experts have preached the merits of business focus. The business diversification course examines whether the outcomes are better for business diversification or focus, and the issues of moving into new business areas, products or services. Should you diversify, how and when do you diversify? This course is for business decision makers that have core products and services that are doing well and are considering if and how to enlarge their revenue and profits through diversification. The course is also for those in businesses that might stagnate in future due to stiff competition or market maturity and want to increase their product offerings to gain new markets or deepen existing ones.  The course duration is for 1 day.

Business Models for Growth and Profits Course

The business model describes how a business creates, delivers and captures value to make money (revenue and profits). To develop a good business model you need to understand the target market/customer, value proposition,  value creation process or value chain,  and competitive strategy. This course is for startup businesses  (after the selection process), existing businesses  that are doing well but want to do better, and for companies that are facing challenges and wish to re- assess and  realign the underlying elements and concept of the business. The course duration is for 2 days.

Writing Business Plans

A business plan is a written document used to detail plans for a start-up or to restructure an existing business. This document is used to describe business vision, mission goals, model and operational strategies as well as provide a blueprint of financing and marketing plans. Essentially, it provides detailed information about where a company is going and how it will get there. This course is for those that want to write their business plans in a way that will serve as their road map to success, communicate their plans to key stakeholders and audience including partners, staff and fund providers. The course duration is for 1 day.

Accessing Funds

Many businesses find the process of getting funds through grants, equity or loans difficult. This course explains what the grant providers, investors or lenders want to see in a business before parting with funds. The programme also guides you through the documentation needed by the typical fund provider. We can actually link you with specific fund providers as an addtional service after the training.

Other Courses

Other courses include presentation skills, Social Sector planning, Personal productivity skills, Human resource management, Operations management, Finance and Accounting, Tourism and hotel management and Marketing Management.

All courses are available as open workshop on specific dates or on  request for a group of 10 or a company willing to nominate 10 participants or more.

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