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Do you Need an Office?


The word ‘office’ may conjure images of small cubicles, fluorescent lighting, chairs and desks. An office is any environment to which people dedicate most of their business hours. Everybody assumes that an office is the key to any business because it is the activity center for everything to do with a business.

Of course, there has been a surge in the debate recently whether or not there is a need for office space due to the nature of their business. Some feel there is no need putting much money in setting up an office due to the low profit they get from their business.

Here are some reasons why many businesses need an office space.



Business that operate from a branded office space, look much more professional than those operating from home. The more professional you are, the more serious you are taken. It builds trust and for a business to succeed, your customers need to trust you. Whether it’s for hosting meetings, workshops or seminars, a space you can call an office allow you to facilitate and effectively market more professional opportunities. This goes a long way into keeping your customers.



Everybody have different interest in which they tend to carry out at their leisure time. When one works from home, you can do whatever pleases you. But when in an office space, employees are accountable for the time they spend on doing assignments due to monitoring of the work by the management. It results in increased productivity.



In an office environment there are 2 or more people who bring different ideas, viewpoints, skill sets, levels of experience and personal histories which can yield great results when combined together. Remember, there is unity and strength in diversity.



There should be a synergy of passion between members of staff. When they work together as one, it makes the office a second home and drives the business forward. The office space is the better way to foster that dynamic with an environment where employees can socialize and support one another.



There are some business meetings which can be carried out via Skype and other internet call app. The networks sometimes fail which will result in delayed meetings. But delays are better managed in face to face meetings within an office space.



Some investors do not enjoy working with people without office space. They believe an office space confers credibility and traceability to a business.



Doing deals on the phone is one thing, convincing a client that you are the man for the job is another ball game. The most productive relationships we have seen formed in commercial environment have come in offices. There is nothing quite like inviting a client to your office for a meeting.



To make waves in your business, your presence plays a significant role. Your office space symbolizes your presence. You can generate a lot of new business by being in the right place at the right time.


Despite all the advantages of having an office you must always consider your resources to determine your ability to pay and maintain an office. Sometimes it is not necessary to get an office and the expense of the office space could make your business less profitable.

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