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The Business Opportunity for a Packing House and Funding Sources

In spite of being the second largest producer of Tomato in Africa and 14th in the world consumption of tomatoes has witnessed faster growth than Nigeria’s population since year 2000. The supply deficit of tomatoes does not occur from production but from shrinkages and wastages resulting from supply chain inefficiencies and lack of cold storage facilities. Packed tomatoes refer to produce that have been properly pre cooled, washed, sorted, graded and preserved in cold storage before and during the release to the market.

Packed Tomatoes and other vegetables or fruits last longer, are more hygienic and the savings from reduced spoilage make packed tomatoes more profitable than unpacked tomatoes. The packing of Tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables are done in a Packing house which: extends their shelf lives by, storing them in optimal temperatures, ensures hygienic standards which prevents the spread of diseases to consumers, reduces waste from spoilage which increases profits for all members of the Tomato supply chain.

The video below is about the business opportunity in operating a Packing house and how to get the funding required.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”” playlist=”Business Opportunities” width=”420″ height=”400″ responsive=”no” autohide=”no” autoplay=”yes” rel=”no”]

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