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Business Plan Implementation

We guide and advise on every aspect of Business plan implementation ranging from, environmental scanning, Sales and Marketing plan, Human resource management, operating plan, financial planning e.t.c. This involves executing the operational work plan i.e. setting up activities and resources required. We can provide project management activities such as finding third party vendors and suppliers (supply chain management), communication management and project monitoring.

Funding Assistance

Getting business funding in form of share capital or credit is the most important aspect of the business because without adequate funding, setting up the business is impossible. We can look at your business model and advise on the type of funding needed, where to get the funds and package the funding documentation for you. Too often businesses tend to source for funds only from commercial banks, but we know that some business funding needs are best served by other types of investors. Thus,our fund seeking process enables business owners to raise funds from developmental institutions and private investment sources including Venture Capitalists, Private Equity and Angel Investors.