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A business plan is a document used to detail plans for a start-up or to restructure an existing business. This document is used to describe business goals and strategies, as well as provide a blueprint of financing and marketing plans. Essentially, it provides detailed information about where a company is going and how it will get there.A business plan is often the entry-level requirement for Investors and bankers who need to see if you really have a deep understanding of the business.

At Highnet Resources, we write Business Plans, Feasibility Studies and reports which chart viable business road maps and build market share for discerning companies. We also implement such plans through our consulting and recruitment services. However, we know how challenging it can be running an SME business due to limited capital, cashflow and resources. To address the situation we have created ?business plan packages that are relatively lower costs without compromising the quality, aims and objectives of such plans. Moreover, all our business plans are backed up by data and research that give new insights into the market trends, market identification and segmentation, financial models and much more for your business spanning over multiple years.

We remain mindful of quality and have designed the sections of even the basic plan to meet the requirements of the average lender or investor. Do you need only one or more sections of the Business plan? Please note that certain sections or sub ?plans cannot be written on a standalone basis due to the need for information input from other sections/sub-plans so where feasible we can write the sub- plan(s) that make up the Business Plan jointly or singularly ?namely:

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Products & Services

Business Model

Operation Model

Macro Economic Analysis

Industry Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Value Proposition


Opportunity Analysis


Marketing Strategy

Operations Strategy

Management Structure

Milestones & Timelines

Financial Section

Risks & Mitigation

Valuations / Investment Plan



We also write Feasibility Studies and Business Proposals. Click on the item to read more.